The market experience is something you shouldn’t miss when you’re traveling for three main reasons: the food, the people, and the ambience. It’s a quintessential destination where you get to try an assortment of local food especially the mouth-watering ‘jajan pasar’ (market snacks). These jajan pasar are usually in a form of kue, mostly traditional snack or dessert. Traditional markets and street vendors can be easily found in Surabaya, and in fact, anywhere else in the archipelago. Built in 1957 and still standing, Pasar Blauran is one of the oldest traditional markets in Surabaya, which has now become a traditional snacks centre in the bustling city.

Enjoy Snack Time in Blauran Market - blauran surabaya
Photo Courtesy: TheKencana/YoeOne

During the colonial period, this market was once a shopping centre for the Dutch nobility. Old but gold ― the area of ​​the market has undergone a series of development, yet Pasar Blauran still has managed to retain its antiquity throughout the years. But today, the market is better known as a traditional snacks centre especially among the locals, who go there to fill their daily and basic needs. They open as early as 5 am and close at 9 pm every day.

To add more reasons as to why you should go on a trip to the local market is the vibe we get from the market’s explosion of colours. There are a variety of goods sold at Pasar Blauran, and they are categorised into sections, such as food, clothing, electronics, jewelleries, toys, and so on. The prices are generally and comparatively affordable, but if you can master the art of bargaining, then you can get some items at a much cheaper price! In fact, the quality of some of the goods are no less inferior to the ones sold at the shopping malls.

Enjoy Snack Time in Blauran Market - blauran surabaya
Photo Courtesy: TheKencana/YoeOne

You can find all kinds of snacks at the market that range from traditional to modern, and savoury to sweet. Some of the jajan pasar that are most-liked by the local folks include Pastel, Lemper, Kue Lumpur, Kue Tok, and so much more. But if you feel like having something else, don’t worry! There are also some ‘modern’ snacks or desserts available at Pasar Blauran like Nastar, Kue Putri Salju, Kastengel, and so forth.

You can make your palate and tummy happy by indulging such simple food that you can have as an appetiser or even dessert. But who am I kidding we can always find and sneak some time to snack!

What makes Pasar Blauran extra special is that some vendors in the books section sell old and rare books that you will most likely not be able to find elsewhere, contemporary book stores in particular. This is the kind of things that makes traditional markets more valuable and precious!

I believe that we are able to discover a new place by going on a trip to a traditional market. A day out at Blauran market can be delightful because for a moment, we get to live and shop like the locals ― the characters of every one of the shopkeepers, the stream of people going in and out, the local treats that make it all an overall wonderful cultural experience! So what are you waiting for? Let’s soak up the buzz and join the crowd at Pasar Blauran!

Destination Pasar Blauran (Blauran Market)
Price Range/Entrance Fees
Opening Hours 5:00AM – 9:00PM
Location Jl. Kranggan, Sawahan | Blauran, Surabaya 60251, Indonesia