Traveling brings about a series of emotions and experiences, as it takes you places you’ve never been before. The thrill that comes with planning, packing, prepping, and crossing out your must-visit checklist ― it’s gratifying your wanderlust desires.

Photo Courtesy: Sukarta Nusa Penida Tour/Made Sukarta

Renowned for its stunning natural wonders, one simply cannot go wrong with Bali. You know what they say, it’s every traveler’s dream destination.

Over and over again, we’ve been told how infinitely breathtaking Bali is. You may or may not know this about Bali, but if you didn’t, let us spill you a little secret. You’ve got to try and go on a sweet escape off the mainland Bali by going on a voyage to its neighbouring islands like the three Nusa sisters: Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan.

So when you’re traveling, are you into spontaneity or detailed planning? For many of us, we’re a little bit of both. Either way, there comes a time when the entire process of traveling can be particularly stressful to some. Now, that’s when you need an expert to help you explore further and turn you into a local!

How about a little getaway to Nusa Penida?

Leave your worries away and dump the hassle of intense planning because Sukarta Nusa Penida Tour (SNPT) has got it all for you, and you, and you!

Photo Courtesy: Sukarta Nusa Penida Tour/Made Sukarta

SNPT provides a range of tour and travel services at reasonable prices for everyone from all walks of life to make your vacay experience in Nusa Penida as unique and unforgettable as possible.

Their packages include:

  • Tour Package – IDR800,000/person
  • Special Tour Package (for a group of 5 or more) – IDR350,000/person
  • Prayer Package – IDR800,000/car

SNPT gives their absolute best to ensure that each traveler feels at ease and enjoys every second of their journey. Kind, friendly, polite and most of all, knowledgable ― we dare say SNPT is top-notch tour guide!

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