One of Bali’s signature dish that you must not miss is Serombotan, a Balinese vegetable food that you can only find in Bali, hence, you might not be familiar with this dish. Its look can be very simple and cheap but it tastes very delicious. This vegetables culinary is normally served with an additional spicy peppers.

Now, what are the secret ingredients of Serombotan? Its no secret really, all you have to have are kale, beans, bean sprouts and pare. These ingredients are boiled separately but later will be mixed all together in a container. After that, the dish will be sprinkled with grilled grated coconut and fried green beans. Lastly and the best part is when the dish will be poured with a special spicy sauce as the main recipe.

The Serombotan condiment is simple and consists of the mixture of peppers, onion and garlic which covers the whole vegetables. It could also be eaten along with steamed rice or ketupat (wrapped rice). The usual price per portion is IDR3.000, but you need to pay IDR6.000 if served with steamed rice.

One That Might Be Your Favourite Balinese Food - Serombotan
Photo Courtesy: TheKencana/Resita

There are a number of tourists who look around for Serombotan when they come to Bali and you are probably a person who also enjoy trying new culinary. So add Serombotan on to your list if you want to try one of the best and simple Nusantara meal. This is a really good option for those who love to indulge themselves with spicy food. If not, you may request a mild flavour.

It is relatively cheap and easily be found in any local restaurants in Bali. Because of that, it has become one of the most favourite food to try. It can be a complimentary food to have during breakfast, lunch or dinner. I would mostly recommend it to have it with salty fish and rice. Who knows that Serombotan might be your favourite too?

Destination/Item Serombotan, Balinese Vegetable Food
Price Range/Entrance Fee IDR 3.000 to IDR 6.000
Opening Hours
Location Any local restaurant in Bali