The splendor of the 72nd anniversary of the State of the Republic of Indonesia were still as lively as the previous years or if not, more! Various parts of Indonesia can be seen creating events, modern, national and regional to welcome the big day. Kuta, Bali was no exception as well where the Community Empowerment Institute (LPM) of Kuta Village, District of Kuta, Badung also participated to enliven the big day by holding an event called Kuta Sea Sand Land 2017.

It was held on 15 to 19 of August, 2017, along with the peak event on 17th of August. Gusti Agung Made Agung, the Chairman of LPM of Kuta District, affirmed that the event is a work entirely from the young generation of the Kuta Village and the event was held with the concept based on the teachings of Tri Hita Karana manifested in the motto of Bhineka Tunggal Ika. According to him, there were three important things that created the colours of the event, the sea which is a manifestation of the pride of the Indonesian nation against its nautical, sand which is symbol of the diversity of the archipelago and last but not the least is the land which embodied unity that has been rooted in the self Indonesian nation.

The event also presented various Balinese dances as well as various activities with a common heroic nuance, like for example, climbing areca nut which is one of the symbolic activity in Indonesia. It involved in climbing the palm tree which the top was hanged with prizes when the climber, which were covered with grease, will reach up to! The hope of this event was to make it into an annual agenda that will always be held to welcome the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia.

Welcoming the 72nd Anniversary of Indonesia Republic - Kuta Sea Sand Land 2017
Photo Courtsey: TheKencana/Resita

At its opening parade on August 15, more than 700 artists were involved in performing traditional arts such as traditional dance, kecak dance, traditional clothing exhibition from 18 provinces and many others. The shore of Kuta beach was packed and lined with artists and dancers! It was also filled with various kind of food stalls ranging from traditional food that foreigners could try, to western food that maybe locals would like to indulge in as well. As for me, I have a local flavour, so one …… for me please!

It was considered as a large-scale event that not only showed entertainment but also to attract more tourists to visit Kuta area. At least about 100 thousand tourists came to follow the event where they were not charged a dime to be go to the event. It clearly shows a great sense of responsibility for the advancement and development of advanced and self-sustaining tourism was also what created by the event.