Once a year, people of different cultures from all around the world gather to get festive and uplift their spirit at the Bali Spirit Festival. A festival that will always be remembered, a lifetime experience that is unbelievably outstanding ― the Bali Spirit Festival has been an annual tradition since 2007 and is only getting bigger and better! Located in Ubud, the go to destination for yoga, meditation and spirituality, everyone is invited to experience such spiritual wonder.

Get All Festive at the Bali Spirit Festival
Photo Courtesy : Nadine McNeil

The Bali Spirit Festival is held to achieve a goal, which revolves around the Hindu mantra “Tri Hita Karana: Harmony with God, the Community, and with Nature”. The practices of the workshops aim to boost each and everyone’s mentality and ability for positive change to the world. A place for self-reflection, growth and clarity. Through this festival, people are given the door to provide much support to the local charities, such as healthcare, environmental conservation and so much more. All the more reason for you to visit Bali and this magical festival next year!

Photo Courtesy : Nadine McNeil

The festival is a retreat filled with entertainment, great for those looking for an escape. From yoga classes and spiritual healing to live music and dancing in a lively yet serene atmosphere, it is the perfect vibe to meet new faces and to learn more about yourself and your surroundings. So join a yoga class with one of the best yoga instructors, Lesly Damai. Then spice up your workout at a dance class and a martial arts class. And finally, find your inner peace at the meditation and breathing classes. On top of that, the festival also gives you the opportunity to experience seminars by presenters from around the world.

All the fun will surely starve you, but don’t worry, there is a great option of healthy food to eat. After a good munch, why not treat yourself to a nice purchase at the market. Get all hyped up and jam to the diverse music lineup that awaits you to get on your feet and move to the beat!

Photo Courtesy : Lesly Damai

Bali Spirit Festival is a sanctuary for all ages. A mesmerizing place for all of you who seek positivity, bliss, and excitement! It is the perfect opportunity to meet new people, experience diverse cultures, and learn many new things. The tickets range from 30 dollars and above depending on the package deal you choose. For a touch of nature and spirituality, get your tickets and raise your vibe because we are looking forward to seeing you there next year!