Taman Ayun literally translates as ‘beautiful garden’, and is one of the most famous and attractive temples of Bali, famous among the tourists and also a place for worship for the Balinese Hindus, located in a beautiful park near the village of Mengwi.

The Taman Ayun Temple is Royal Temple of Mengwi Empire, a place of worship and to honour the ancestors of Raja Mengwi, namely ‘Paibon’ and “Pedharman’. This temple was built for the worship of the Gods of the people of the Kingdom for the government community in asking for prosperity. This temple is a historical heritage of the Kingdom of Mengwi. What’s so beautiful about this temple is that it is surrounded by a big fish pond, and and it makes it look like it is floating on water.

Enjoy The Breathtaking Scenery of Taman Ayun Temple
Photo Courtesy: TheKencana/AryaPutra

The ticket and information counter to enter the temple area can be found here and the tickets for domestic tourists are Rp 10,000, and Rp 15,000 for foreigners. The ticket price includes a cloth or kamen which is to be worn by the visitors in the temple area.

In 2012, Taman Ayun Temple was recognized by the UNESCO as part of the World’s Heritage. It was built in the 17th century, in the year 1632 to be precise. With regards of the construction, King Mengwi was assisted by an architect from a Chinese descent from Banyuwangi, Ing Khang Ghoew, often known as I Kaco.

Photo Courtesy: TheKencana/AryaPutra

The initial reason for the establishment of this is because the temples that existed at that time were too distant to be reached by the Mengwi community. The King later built a place of worship with several buildings as ‘penyawangan’ (symbols), the likes of Besakih ‘mother temple in Karangasem’, Batukaru Temple in Tabanan, or Batur Temple in Kintamani.

Photo Courtesy: TheKencana/AryaPutra
Photo Courtesy: TheKencana/AryaPutra

The Taman Ayun Temple Complex comprises of four different divisions, the first one is referred to as the ‘Jaba’, accessible only through a single entrance and the walkway over the ponds. When you enter, on your right you will be able to large ‘wantilan’ hall where the communal gatherings take place, you will also be able to see replicas of the cockifights event, or  ‘tajen’. The cockfight is one of the traditions of Mengwi, as it is one of the rituals for sacrifice. Visitors get to see and experience how it feels like attending one of the events.

Photo Courtesy: TheKencana/AryaPutra

At the next court, sits the small temple named Pura Luhuring Puranama. The second and third terraces are slightly higher. To enter, visitors must go through a second gate where the shelter is called Bale Pengubengan. It has ornamental features that depict the nine Hindu gods that guard the nine points of the compass, known as Dewata Nawa Sanga.

At the east of this location, there is a small temple called Pura Dalem Bekak, while at its west, there is an eight metre-high wooden bell tower known as ‘Bale Kulkul’. A climb up will reveal two hanging rectangular bells, and a spectacular view of the entire complex. As for the fourth and last courts, they are considered to be the most sacred and ranked the highest. It is known as ‘Utama Mandala’. The intricately ornate central gate is only open during ceremonies.

Taman Ayun temple is a tourist destination that has a clean and free from waste. The tranquil atmosphere lets you see Bali with a different view. Around the area there are resting places for visitors who want to take a break. The Taman Ayun Temple has the best facilities for its visitors, and also equipped with a number of porches and halls surrounded by garden, where you can spend your lunch time or afternoon tea time here. This is an ideal place for those who want to invite their families and friends for a spiritual tourism, for education and to relax, as well as to admire the modern Balinese temple architecture.If you are looking for a deserted cultural and historical experience with breathtaking scenery, then you should add this place to your list when you go to Bali.

Destination Taman Ayun Temple
Price Range/Entrance Fees Domestic tourists – IDR 10,000

Foreign tourists – IDR 15,000

Opening Hours 9 AM – 5 PM
Location Jalan Ayodya No.10, Mengwi, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80351, Indonesia
Contact +62 361 9009270