Searching for the most popular waterfall in Bali will give you an endless list of options! North Bali is indeed famous for its waterfall tourism and one of them is Munduk Waterfall. It has a height up to 15 metres, so powerful, you could feel the splashes or spray of water just by standing near it.

Munduk waterfall is believed to have a healing property that can help with skin diseases. It has to do with the sulphur contain in the water. So the local usually go there to heal themselves if any. It is also said to have a charm of its own that inherent benefits to make you look more youthful. Oh please, Count me in!

To head to Munduk waterfall, it requires a bit of effort and basic fitness to reach there. So, we suggest to wear a suitable footwear that has a strong grip especially if to pass by a slippery walk path. It also creates a suitable trekking activities for you adventurers! As you will have to walk 500 to 700 metres. No, do not sigh just yet! Because you will also be enjoying the wonderful view of coffee, cocoa and vanilla plantations. One word. Beautiful.

After reaching the destination, you could directly feel the freshness of the cool air from this waterfall. Coupled with the sound of the water splashes will make you want to dip in the pool immediately! Although not suitable for swimming because of the rocky beds, it is still definitely one of the obligatory tourist destination to visit if you go to Buleleng.

This waterfall is located near the hot springs of Banjar which another is attraction in Buleleng. If you are from Bedugul, time taken to this place is about 30 minutes. You will have to pass the Lake Buyan and Tamblingan and continue through the Banyuatis, the waterfall is located on the right. Ticket for domestic visitor is IDR10.000 and for foreigner is IDR15.000. Parking for cars and motorcycles are also available, but then again, you will have to walk from the parking to reach there.

Destination Munduk Waterfall
Price Range/Entrance Fee IDR 10.000 to IDR 15.000
Opening Hours
Location Gobleg, Banyuatis, Banjar, Gobleg, Buleleng, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81152, Indonesia