A visit to Bali will fill you with a tale of a wonderful destination that is filled with peaceful moments and beautiful scenery. When you have to go back home, you would want to bring a piece of Bali with you. There are a number of markets across Bali that sells various items that you want to keep in your own house, or give to your families and friends as an ‘oleh-oleh’, or souvenirs. One market that is worth visiting is the Kumbasari Art Market. This market is evidently Denpasar’s major wholesale market in Bali. If you love the hustle and bartering, look no further. This is the place for you!

Photo Courtesy: TheKencana/AryaPutra

A bit of history for you, Kumbasari Market was built in 1977, but sadly, was caught in a fire in the year 2000. It was renovated and was reopened the next year, which still stands there till this very day. The four storey market would probably take at least half of the whole day for you to finish exploring!

Home to over 200 kiosks and over a thousand stalls, the Kumbasari Art Market is open around the clock, however, the opening times of the many different stalls may very. Use your shopping skills: bargaining and haggling your best price, even when you see a price tag on it. A few shop owners are able to speak English, and you can arrange to buy in bulk.

Photo Courtesy: TheKencana/AryaPutra


PhotoCourtesy: TheKencana/AryaPutra

Basic needs can be found on the ground floor, while on the second floor, there are various types of clothes, such as traditional Balinese clothes, fabrics, beach sarongs, clothes, ‘ikats’. If you love arts and handicrafts, you would definitely love the third floor. Various types of sculptures, paintings, carvings, ornaments that all capture the essence of Bali are sold there. On the top floor, a variety of handicrafts or souvenirs from paper, shellfish, wood, just to name a few. The items at the Kumbasari Art Market are relatively cheaper compared to the ones on the streets, so bring a big bag if you plan to buy a lot.

The place is quite clean and crowded, depending on which time of day you come.  If you go by car, there is a parking lot that charges Rp 2,000. So if you want to bring home some “I Heart Bali” t-shirts and beautiful ornaments, stop over the Kumbasari Art Market.

Destination Kumbasari Art Market
Price Range/Entrance Fees
Opening Hours 8 AM – 5 PM
Location Jl. Gajah Mada, Pemecutan, Denpasar Bar., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80111, Indonesia
Contact +62 361 264011