Balinese Lawar is a one of the traditional food that can be easily find in various places. Usually these foods are sold on the side street, markets, food stalls to restaurants in Bali. It is a mixture of minced meat, vegetables and is very rich in spices. In general, lawar-based traditional Balinese spices contained turmeric, shrimp paste, salt and pepper, galangal and roots, grated coconut, green beans, boiled young jackfruit and sometimes, cassava and star fruit leaves which are all chopped and mixed together.

There are different types based on its ingredients. They are named after the main meat or ingredients that is added into the mixture These are some visual photos and description of lawar to differentiate one to another.

What Flavoured Lawar Do You Prefer? Balinese Lawar
Photo Courtesy : TheKencana/Resita
Lawar Barak

It is red in colour and made of chopped meat, vegetables, spices, coconut and most importantly, to distinct the flavour, the blood of the meat itself is added which could come from chicken or pig’s blood. This dish usually does not last all day if expose to open air, so it is better to consume it immediately.


What Flavour Lawar Do You Prefer?
Photo Courtesy : TheKencana/Resita
Lawar Putih

This is the most presented lawar you can find in ceremonies of Bali. The ingredients contain grated coconut which is combined together with other type of lawar that may include meat and vegetables.



What Flavour Lawar Do You Prefer?
Photo Courtesy : TheKencana/Resita
Vegetable Lawar

To custom to the taste of vegetarian out there, you can find lawar that is usually cooked with chopped long beans and young jackfruits which is normally referred as Lawar Nangka (jackfruit). Variations of flavour such as mangos, papaya and melons are also out in the market.



What Flavour Lawar Do You Prefer?
Photo Courtesy : TheKencana/Resita
Pork Lawar

The most popular lawar you could find in Bali is Lawar Babi which from the name it self, made from cooked and chopped pork. You could also find it in other meat such as duck and turtle, although nowadays is quite hard to find and is priced at a higher price of IDR100.000.


There are more various type of lawar out there. Each of Bali’s provinces offer different ways and prepartion for their lawar. Some restaurants offer a lot of flavoured lawar to suit the tongue of their customers which price ranges from IDR15.000 to IDR20.000. You may request it to be spicy or not, but spicy lawar will actually help enhance all the flavour. This dish is usually served with rice and other dishes and is often found during religious ceremonies to family events. Prior to the ceremony, people usually gather to make them together.

Now that you know Balinese Lawar more closely, though, it may not be to all people’s preference, so take a small portion for starter and hopefully it will not disappoint!

Destination Balinese Lawar
Price Range/Entrance Fee IDR15.000 to IDR20.000 (depending on the restaurant)
Opening Hours
Location Most restaurant in Bali (each region serves different kind of Lawar)